Session 5

We’re delighted that Session 5 will be available for 2017!

We wanted to introduce a slightly different version of our amazing Mohawk experience. Campers will get to experience daily electives along with some amazing new all-camp activities. The session will culminate with our traditional closing Banquet on Friday, followed by a closing campfire on the beach.

Each day campers will experience camp just like the typical day schedule, but we’re introducing daily electives for two out of the four activity periods. What this means is, campers will sign up on Sunday for two classes that they will take the entire week. Then, each day, campers will sign up for two daily elective classes.

With a camp of only about 120 campers, we will be offering a different array of activities for the girls to choose!

Please note that Check-In for Session 5 is between 2:00-4:00 on Sunday, and Check-Out is 9:30-11:00 on Saturday.  There will be NO changeover between sessions 4 and 5!