8 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Camp Mohawk Style

8 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Camp Mohawk Style

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We love celebrating a holiday all about love, and there’s nothing we love more than camp. So here are 8 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Camp Mohawk Fashion!


Start with a theme night!

Have everyone wear red or pink or hearts or all things Valentine’s Day to a family meal. Photos and awards are totally encouraged!


Share the Love

Teach everyone your favorite camp songs. Ask them to teach you any favorite songs they may have had during their time at camp.


Create your own version of a friendship ceremony

Right hand over left, light some candles, sing some songs, (maybe try an echo!) and start a new tradition. Make it totally your own and share it with everyone you love.


Get silly playing games!

Show off those archery skills with an indoor game of Catch Cupid. Create a target, pin it up on a wall, and
use crumpled paper or a super soft foam ball to score points!


Reach out to your camp friends and counselors to say hello!

Send an email, snail mail, or a message on facebook. Stay in touch!


Write a Valentine to Camp

We love getting camp mail! And it will help YOU to write down all your favorite things about camp that you’re looking forward to most this summer.

Visit Bunk1 and facebook to look at old photos from last summer

Sit down with friends or family and point out who the counselors are, what activities are going on, why everyone is dressed as a Pokemon character! Check out Bunk1 here and our facebook page here.


Get ready for this summer!

It’s never too early to start packing. Okay, maybe now is a little early, but start making your packing list so you’ll be ready to go in June!