Unit Leader Fun Facts!

Unit Leader Fun Facts!

Alison Irwin

  • I’ll eat peanut butter on anything, I really love peanut butter!
  • My favorite movie is definitely Titanic (I can quote the ENTIRE thing)
  • My favorite animal is otters
  • The number one place I’d like to visit is Greece!
  • If I had a superpower I would want to be able to speak every language in the world

Mariah Heist

  • Last year I danced around in a Sumo Suit on stage for the talent show.
  • My favorite snack is spicy Cheetos
  • I love Harry Potter with all my heart, Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite movie
  • Elephants are my favorite animal
  • I really want to visit Santorini

Hannah Myers

  • I go to school at Tulane in New Orleans
  • I’m an RA in a freshman dorm and I’m the philanthropy chair for my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta!
  • My all time favorite food is pizza
  • I have 2 pet fish – Tchoupitoulas and Beignet
  • My favorite movie is National Treasure
  • She loves dressing up as a giraffe (info lovingly provided by Patrick Marchand)

Maggie Sullivan

  • The number one place I would like to visit is Australia because I studied koalas once in the 3rd grade and have been in love ever since.
  • I am working on my graduate degree for Elementary Education
  • I’ve traveled cross country and have been to 45 states
  • My dog is my favorite creature on this earth. In my free time I love to snuggle in bed with my puppy and catch up on my shows.
  • My favorite color is yellow

Alice Kentesber

  • Since I was last at camp I have graduated from University and moved to Hong Kong, where I am currently working as an English teacher. I have been able to travel to mainland China during the holidays and I love to explore the city on the weekends
  • My favorite thing to do is go hiking in the numerous country parks or relaxing at the beach
  • I have been to 20 different countries
  • I am a qualified open water scuba diver
  • I can speak Chinese and German.
  • I LOVE nail polish – I have over 100 bottles!

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