About Us

Giving you the courage to be yourself.

Our amazing summer staff helps your daughter achieve her fullest potential.
We’ve been helping girls grow since 1920.

Our Mission

YMCA Camp Mohawk’s purpose is to provide rich and diverse group outdoor experiences for girls and young women in pursuit of developing character, leadership and values in accordance with traditional YMCA principles.

Mohawk Welcomes You

We welcome all girls of any race, faith, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or socio- economic status. Our culture encourages respect, belonging and equal treatment of all its members. We are committed to providing a space that feels safe and supportive to all members of our community.

About Camp Mohawk
About the Camp

Located at the base of Mohawk Mountain, Camp Mohawk opens its doors to girls ages 7-15 for the summer. Campers can come to camp for 1-9 weeks to experience the summer of a lifetime.

Here at Camp Mohawk we strive to be a close knit family, where girls can gain the confidence to be themselves, and develop friendships that last a lifetime.

Mohawk offers close to 40 activities weekly. Click here to learn more about all the programs we offer throughout the summer!

Why We’re Special

There are very few places in a young woman’s life that she can just be a girl…with other girls and do, you know…girl stuff!  Camp Mohawk is a “girls only” camp by design.  Girls grow in confidence in a girls only environment!  The age that girls start questioning their looks, their smarts, their value is getting younger and younger.  Helping them develop a strong sense of self early, enables them to better handle the challenges of young womanhood.

We value all our young women…they are all different…and they are all just perfect…exactly how they are.

Camp Accreditations

Camp Mohawk is a YMCA approved and  accredited camp.  Further, we  are accredited by the American Camping Association.  Being held to the highest standards ensures your daughter’s care and safety.

ACA Accredited
Camp Mohawk for Gilrs
Camp Mohawk for Girls

Our staff standards ensure the highest level of training. We also strive to find staff that are mature, have a love for children, and a drive to provide girls with a fun and exciting summer. Our goal is to have strong role models that campers of all ages can look up to.

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