Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

All campers are welcome to participate in our Riding Lessons. The goal of our riding program is twofold. We want campers to be safe, and we want them to have fun as they ride. Horseback riding can be a lifelong form of exercise and enjoyment. We aim to introduce this sport in a way that will nurture a girl’s interest in horses. Riding lessons are taught in the English Hunt Seat style.

Riding Lessons begin with basic skills such as mounting, dismounting, and helping girls feel comfortable around the horses.

Campers soon learn proper foot and hand positions, how to maintain balance in the saddle, and the basics of controlling a horse at  the walk and trot. Intermediate classes move on to posting trot, cantering,  gymkhana games, and fieldwork.

Advanced classes offer instruction designed for each individual rider’s ability level, including dressage, and jumping.

We provide ASTM/SEI Certified helmets for camper use. Boots are available if needed, but please bring a pair of boots or shoes with heels between a half-inch and one inch. This is important for proper foot placement in the stirrup. Please also bring extra long pants and shirts with sleeves to prevent saddle rubs and sunburn. Please label all riding apparel.

Our stable area consists of a barn specially designed for our riding and farm program, a paddock area, three riding rings, fieldwork area, and a small brook. Small group lessons are taught in the  rings with one  instructor for every four intermediate or advanced riders. We have one instructor for every three beginner riders.

Grooming and feeding of the horses are not required parts of our riding classes. However, those girls who wish to assist with these aspects of horse care are welcome to do so. They merely need to speak to the Riding Director to express their interest. The Director will schedule a time when the girls can work along side the riding staff as they care for the animals. Campers are also invited to become involved in animal care through our farm program, which includes sheep and fowl.

See our Dates & Rates page for pricing . This includes five 55 minute group lessons.

Please be advised that horseback riding is an inherently dangerous activity with the possibility of falls and serious injury.



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