International Campers

Camp Mohawk welcomes campers from all over the world!

Does my child need to speak English to attend Camp Mohawk?
Your camper will need to speak English, but she does not have to speak it perfectly to have a successful experience. Being immersed in our English-speaking environment will help your camper refine her English skills, and our campers and staff are always willing and excited to help if a camper is having a problem understanding.

How will my child travel to camp?
Please make plans for your camper’s flight to arrive at JFK International Airport on Check-In Day between 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM Eastern. For the return trip, please make plans for the flight to depart JFK International Airport on Check-Out Day between 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM Eastern.  If you cannot find flights within these parameters, please contact the Camp Directors before booking your flights, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please call us to discuss the fee for transportation.

Please forward a copy of your camper’s full itinerary, including the return flight.  If possible, also include a digital photo of your camper to help our staff recognize your daughter.

Campers traveling by themselves may want to bring a cell phone and charger in order to keep in touch with you and the camp during their trip. If your camper is bringing a cell phone, please program the camp phone number (001) 800- 842-1143 in their phone, and send your camper’s cell phone number to camp along with her itinerary. We will collect the cell phone and charger once we arrive at camp, keep it in a secure location, and then make sure it is charged for her return trip.

How will my camper communicate with our family while at camp?
Because international mail can be slow, we will scan and e-mail your camper’s letters instead of sending them in the mail.  We will provide you with updates as to your daughter’s arrival at camp via phone, email or text (whichever you prefer).

We also have a One-Way Email system that you can use to send your daughter emails.  She will not be able to respond via email, but will receive the messages from you daily.

Where will my daughter store her Passport?
We will be happy to store your daughter’s passport, documents or cash in a secure location.

Does my daughter need medical documentation?
Yes, every camper must submit the required health forms prior to their arrival at camp (they are due June 1st).  Each camper must have a physical completed within 2 years of their arrival at camp.  If your daughter takes medications (prescription or non-prescription), the Authorization for the Administration of Medication form must be filled out by your physician.  All medications are to be given to the nurse upon arrival, and kept in the Health Center.

What else should I know about sending my daughter to Camp Mohawk?
We have something called “Letter to My Counselor” which is found with the required forms. On this letter you can tell us about your daughter, including her proficiency in English, and what you hope she gains from her experience at Mohawk.

Between each session we have a period called “Changeover.”  The fee to stay overnight between sessions is $55.

Each camper has a Store Account here at Mohawk.  The Store Account covers things like a daily snack and drink, stamps, laundry service and more.  We suggest a $20 deposit for each week your daughter stays at Mohawk, and for Senior camp $65 for the session.  Campers participating in Seniors Cape Cod should deposit $75.

You can also take a look at our list of Frequently Asked Questions for everything else Mohawk related.

Please contact the office at with any questions.