Theme Nights

It’s tradition at Mohawk to dress up for dinner each night. These nights are light-hearted and fun and make every day at Mohawk unique! The CITs judge the best dressed for some nights, and the winners of each unit will be highlighted online in our daily update with a picture.

2019 Theme Nights!

( Explanations of Theme Nights Below )

  Session 1 Session 2 Session 3                
Session 4 Session 5
Monday P Party P Party P Party P Party P Party
Tuesday Out of this world Crazy Hair Night Team Spirit Wonderful Women Night Neon Night
Wednesday P J Breakfast Support Staff Appreciation and Mohawk Mania P J Breakfast Support Staff Appreciation and Mohawk Mania PJ Breakfast
Thursday Unit Night Unit Night Unit Night Unit Night Unit Night
Friday Dress Your Counselor Wonderful Women Night Career Night Dress Your Counselor Banquet
Monday Disney / Pixar Night Mismatch Monday Under the Sea Mismatch Monday         
Tuesday Twin Dinner Dress your counselor Dress Your Counselor Twin Dinner         X  
Wednesday Counselor Appreciation Day and Mohawk Mania P J Breakfast Counselor Appreciation Day and Mohawk Mania P J Breakfast         X   
Thursday Patriotic Night Tie Dye Dinner Disney / Pixar Night Nerd Night         X  
Friday Banquet Banquet Banquet Banquet         X  

Descriptions of some of the less obvious theme nights:

P Party: The first night of each session we have P Party! That means you can dress as anything that starts with the letter “P” for this themed dinner. Examples: Wear purple or pink, dress as a penguin, etc.

Career Night: What is a career you have dreamt about doing when you are older? Dress up to show us what it is!

Staff Appreciation Days / Mohawk Mania: One of our favorites themes at camp! We want our counselors and support staff to know how much we love and appreciate them, so be prepared to remind them how much they mean to you! Also dress up in your Mohawk gear all day to show your spirit. 🙂

Unit Night: This will not be announced until you are at camp. Each Unit will have a different theme to dress as.

Team Spirit: Do you have a favorite team you love? Show us how much on Team Spirit Night.

Out of This World: Who knows what’s going on out in space?! Spaceships, aliens, stars and galaxies! Be sure to break out your sparkles and your metallics for this theme night! 

Wonderful Women Night: Who is an amazing woman that you look up to? Whether it is one well known in history or your mom you can be whoever you admire.

Banquet: At the end of each two week session we have a Banquet at camp. This is the last dinner with all your camp friends and a chance to celebrate and say good bye. You can wear dresses or anything nice for this occasion.

Coming for a one week session? “A” weeks are the first week of a session, and “B” weeks are the second week.

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