Winter Blues and Missing Camp

Winter Blues and Missing Camp

During these coldest months of the year, it’s hard not to let our minds wander to days of sunshine and shorts, which leads us to thinking about camp. Campsickness in the winter is just as common as homesickness is in the summer when you first arrive at camp. Here are just a few quick and simple ideas of how you can help combat the winter blues when you’re pining for camp.

Share her favorite memory from camp this summer during a meal with your family. 

Not only will this definitely bring a smile to your face, but it’s a great jumping point for further conversations about the people you met at camp and what new experiences you had. It’s also a great way to hear camp stories from your parents if they have any.

Write a letter! 

In this day of instant technology, nothing beats receiving snail mail. Write a letter to a camp friend you made last year. Staying in touch not only strengthens bonds made in the summer, but it will make coming back to camp easier and more fun than ever. If you didn’t get any mailing addresses from friends during the summer, we love getting letters, too!

Make a campfire.

Nothing makes us think fondly of camp quite as much as the smell of burning wood and watching flames dance as we sit around chatting with friends and family. Tell campfire stories! Even better, break out the marshmallows and make s’mores! Still too cold and wet outside to make a campfire? Grab some fleece blankets and cozy up in front of the fireplace (don’t forget those marshmallows!)

Spend the day working together on a craft or science experiment with your sibling(s) and parents.

Not only is this quality time important for you and your family, but you’ll remember all the cool new things you tried this summer. Whether it was building an awesome bridge or learning a dozen new ways to make friendship bracelets, you’ll remember the fun and excitement of trying something new. Need some ideas? Check out our facebook page! We post awesome crafts and projects on Fridays to try at home.

Make a camp memory box.

Start with an old shoebox. Cover and decorate the outside and put all of you favorite camp items inside, from photos and friendship bracelets to the letters you received while at camp. And it’s a great place to save that ripped up tie-dye t-shirt you made at camp but can’t wear anymore. Having one physical place where your physical camp memories can live is a great way to revisit the happiness you felt at camp.

Make a camp countdown calendar.

Mark special and important dates like Open House, Work Days, when to start packing, and other things that will help you realize that camp is just around the corner!