Don’t get eaten!

Don’t get eaten!

Don’t let the bugs get in the way of your awesome summer! Consumer Reports has a list of recommended insect repellents that we encourage you to check out here.

You will notice a distinct trend towards more natural based repellents. Several smell like lemon and citrus rather than chemicals and are good for the environment.

Reminders: aerosol repellents are not allowed to be applied in enclosed spaces. Talk to your pediatrician about any concerns you have with insect repellents that use Deet. Make sure you instruct your child in how to self-check for ticks, especially in areas covered by their bathing suit.


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  • Jennifer

    My dauhgter, Vanessa Tawil, was diagnosed with Lyme disease last year so I sent her to camp with an insect repellant that includes 30% DEET as recommended by her doctor. I also sprayed her shoes with 100% DEET the day before she left for camp which was also recommeded. Both repellants are made by Ben’s and can be found online.

    June 27, 2016at3:45 pm