Typical Counselor Day

A typical day for a cabin counselor/activity instructor at Camp Mohawk is long and eventful.

Daily Schedule


7:20 Reveille: Make sure your campers are awake and getting dressed
7:45 Slingers & Call to Flag Raising: Your cabin is behind their benches and ready to start the day with the pledge and a devotion led by a different cabin group daily. Unit Leaders will collect Daily Health Check before leaving unit. One or two campers from each cabin set the table before each meal time.
8:00 Breakfast: Make sure that all campers are accounted for. Assure proper manners and friendly conversations. Counselors sit in the middle of a bench to ensure good communication with the girls at all meals.
8:30 Cabin Clean Up: Ensure that the campers are cleaning the cabin and they know where they are going each period.
9:00 Period 1: Start and end on time, take careful attendance, report campers not present to the office within the first ten minutes of classes, follow lesson plans, and create an atmosphere of fun, energy, enthusiasm, safety, and achievement.
10:05 Period 2 (Each Counselor has one period off per day, assigned by the Program Director)
11:10 Period 3
12:15 Slingers to Dining Hall
12:30 Lunch: Same as breakfast. Listen to Op Rec announcements.
1:10 Siesta: In your cabin with your campers to monitor them during their rest time. Rotating time off.
2:00 Period 4: Return to teach, refreshed and energetic
3:00 Cabin Activity led by Cabin Counselor: First two days are teambuilding activities, then creative, fun, energetic activities planned by each counselor.
4:00 Optional Rec Optional Open Program Areas: Prepare and offer fun activities, supervise and clean up your activity areas. Waterfront staff and lifeguards on duty at this time.
5:00 Campers back to cabins: Prepare campers for dinner and prepare for evening activities. Dress up for Theme Nights before flag!
5:15 Flag lowering. Make sure all campers are present.
5:30 Dinner: Same as all meal periods.
6:10 Store, Free Time, some staff on duty in Units, others time off. This responsibility rotates throughout the week.
6:50 Evening Program Unit, Cabin Activity, or All-Camp Activity: participate entshusiastically and help return camp to readiness for next day. End all activities with the Evening Circle.
8:30 Campers back to Units, Cabin Devotions: Lead cabin in a meaningful group devotion with enthusiasm and meaning. Establish a mood for reflection and sharing.
9:20 Taps: Help your campers settle down, read a story, chat quietly, get ready to sleep.
9:20-10:00 Lights Out: Counselors remain in their cabin the first and last nights of the session. The remaining nights there is a rotating time off after 10 pm. Staff released from their cabins have time off until 11:30 pm curfew.
Camp Mohawk Staff