Fall Programs

This fall Mohawk will be hosting several events. There will be 3 weekends of Family Camp and 1 date for ‘A Day of Overnight Camp.’ See below for more information:

Family Camp

YMCA Camp Mohawk’s Family Camp provides a wonderful opportunity to get away from it all and spend quality time with your family at camp. With activities available all weekend, and all of your meals cooked for you, your only worry is deciding what to do first! Whether you choose to relax and enjoy the peaceful setting, or hike the mountain, the weekend will definitely be one to remember.
Family Camp keeps families strong by providing a place and program that brings them together. They are designed to be ‘fun for the whole family’ weekends with activities that can be enjoyed either as a group or individually.

For more information:

Family Camp
A Day of Overnight Camp

These days are designed to simply have a great day back at the place they love. We’ll provide lunch and have activities for the all to participate in. Parents and relatives are welcome to join and walk with their families or you can sign up for your camper to be joined in with a group her age.
We’re allowed to have co-horts as a day camp. If you felt comfortable then we’d place your camper in a group for the day so they can act as a cabin and move from activity to activity. Those groups would have supervision under the age of 10. That group of around 10 would not interact with other groups, just as we’ve been doing all summer.

More information coming soon