Can my daughter be in the same cabin as her friend(s)?

Can my daughter be in the same cabin as her friend(s)?

One of the best experiences of summer camp is making new friends. However, we do understand that it may be easier if they have someone familiar to share the experience with. Therefore, Camp Mohawk will do its best to fulfill a camper’s bunkmate request if the following conditions are met:

1. Campers are placed in cabins according to age not grade. Therefore, all campers must be approximately the same age: less than 12 months apart.
2. We can only honor requests to be in a group of up to three girls, your daughter and up to two friends. All requests must be mutually agreed upon and all three girls must request the other two girls. You will receive an email once your daughter’s request can be confirmed.
3. All bunkmate requests must be made in writing. They can be on the camper’s registration, mailed, faxed, or emailed to

Campers should not come to camp expecting to be in a particular unit since the composition of each unit changes from year to year and session to session depending on enrollment and ages of campers.

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