How are waterfront activities conducted?

How are waterfront activities conducted?

Our waterfront is located on the 25 acre Mohawk Pond. There is no other development on the pond. Our swimming area is divided into swimmer and non-swimmer areas. For their safety, girls are tested on the first day of camp and are assigned”Buddy Tags” that reflect their swimming ability. Recreational swims are lifeguarded by our certified waterfront staff daily. All recreational swims are conducted using the buddy system with a strict check-in and buddy check policy.
Boating activities are available according to a girl’s swimming level:

Rowing: All campers eligible
Canoeing: Intermediate Level (blue swimmer)
Funyaking: Intermediate Level (blue swimmer)
Sailing: Intermediate Level (blue swimmer)
Stand up Paddleboards: Intermediate Level (blue swimmer)
Kayaking: Advanced Level (green swimmer)
Windsurfing: Advanced Level (green swimmer and weigh over 100lbs)

In order to provide a safe and appropriate aquatic experience for your child, each camper must participate in a swim test on check-in day. The testing procedure is as follows:

1. Review of waterfront rules.
2.Explanation of the buddy system.
3. Expectations regarding skin protection and the use of sunscreen.
4. Swim Test:
  • Campers swim from shallow end docks to the ropes and back (approximately 25 yards) using freestyle and rotary breathing. If a camper has demonstrated the appropriate skills and stamina, she may take the Blue Test. Otherwise she is classified as a Red (beginner) swimmer.
  • The Blue Test consists of 4 non-stop laps of our 25-yard swim area for a total of 100 yards. This must be swum using freestyle (face in water, rotary breathing) for two consecutive laps and breaststroke for the other two laps. If a camper has demonstrated the skills and stamina to proceed to the next level, she will be provided the opportunity to take the Green Test.
  • The Green Test includes an additional 4 laps for a total of 8 non-stop laps of 200 yards (4 freestyle, 2 breaststroke and 2 laps of swimmer’s choice).

The Waterfront Director reserves the right to require additional testing, including swimming more laps, demonstrating competence swimming backstroke, treading water skills, and any other proficiency she/he feels necessary to ascertain the ability and competency of the camper. Campers may request a retest during afternoon Optional Rec.

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