What is the day like during camp?

What is the day like during camp?

Girls select four elective activities each week on Sunday evening. These activities are instructional in nature and are held for a period of approximately 55 minutes per class, Monday through Friday. Girls may change their elective activities each week. Afternoons include a short siesta after lunch, an elective period, cabin activity time, and a recreation period. During the recreation period (“optional rec”), girls can pursue any of the dozen activities (including swimming) offered daily and may switch activities at their leisure.

Evenings are spent in a variety of activities either with the Cabin group, the Unit group, or the entire camp. Favorite evening activities include the Talent Show, a dance with a nearby boy’s camp (only for girls 11 years old and older, regardless of cabin assignment), campfires, and camping out.

Some activities require a two-week commitment. The drama program, which culminates in a production, and the ceramics program are both two-week programs. A number of activity classes have very limited enrollment and may be full by the time a camper’s unit is called to sign up for classes. If this happens, a camper is encouraged to inform her counselor. It may be possible to arrange for a camper to get into the program the following week.

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