How to Feel Like You’re at Camp

How to Feel Like You’re at Camp

As I sit down to write this weeks blog post it is currently -3 degrees outside. So, I think I speak for every Mohawker ever when I say I need camp to start yesterday.  5 months seems a little too far away so I have generated a list of things we can all so can all feel as if we are at camp.

5. Wear your crocs!

Crocs are a staple to any camp chic outfit. If we really want to get crazy throw some socks with your crocs to really complete the look. When you get a little camp sick just look down at your feet, and you will immediately feel a little bit better knowing that soon your crocs will have some new Jibbitz to decorate them.

4. Make some S’mores at home!

What is camp without S’mores?! You don’t even need a fire to make them! Just pop your graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallows in the oven for a minute or two and then you have wonderful golden brown S’mores!

3. Have a Dance Party

Here at camp we solve any problem with a dance party! Throw on your best camp playlist, and just start dancing! There is nothing a good High School Musical song can’t fix!

2. Make a Friendship Bracelet

Grab some string and start making those stitches! Download some patterns, and try to learn some new stitches. This way you get a new bracelet, and you will be an advanced bracelet maker by the time the summer comes around.

1.  Do Devotions with your Family/Friends

Here at the winter office we do devotions every Friday. It’s a great way to keep the tradition alive, but also get to know those around you better. Devotions is one of our favorite traditions here at camp, we love developing deeper connections through devotions, and it really makes for a great conversation.

As the temperature continues to drop try to do things to remind you of camp. We are counting down the days until we are back in our favorite shade of staff shirt blue, and we get to welcome you back with open arms!

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