Important Ways to Get Ready for Camp

Important Ways to Get Ready for Camp

We had an awesome time at our camp Open House and were impressed with all of the great questions we were asked. Based on what we found surprised some people, here are a few ways we think you can be best prepared for camp, especially if this is your first time!

Shower time

All campers shower every day. But when you’re in the Lighthouse with your cabin, you only have TEN MINUTES to shower and change so the next group can get in there! We know 10 minutes isn’t very long, so time your showers at home and get in the habit of making them as quick as possible. Still taking too long? Try saving time with a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. Give yourself a goal to improve your time over the next month so you’ll be ready before camp starts!

Wet Hair, Don’t Care!

With only 10 minutes to shower AND change, that definitely doesn’t leave time to dry your hair. Experiment with a high bun so the back of your shirt doesn’t instantly get wet while your hair air dries. If you’ve got longer hair, try learning how to do a french braid. Not only will it leave you with a dry curl, but it’ll keep your hair out of your face while it’s drying.

Branching Out

Don’t worry, we won’t make you eat bugs or anything at camp, but sometimes we may serve something you’ve never tried before. Make an effort to try some new foods in the coming months! And if you’re worried about not liking camp food (don’t be! Our campers love it!) know that we always have a salad bar for lunch and dinner and there’s always fruit. Start trying out salads and other fruits and veggies so you have more options during mealtime at camp!

Tech Free is the Way to Be

Lots of campers get a little nervous when we tell them that cell phones, tablets, and other technology aren’t allowed at camp. We know it can see intimidating to be cut off from your friends, but there’s so much to do at camp you wouldn’t even have time to check facebook, play a game of AngryBirds, or even send a text to a friend. Try going tech free for a day at home! Head outside for a hike, meet up (in person!) with some friends to play basketball, or just play. You’ll have so much fun that you’ll forget you don’t even have your technology with you!



Serious Matters

We take health and safety very seriously at camp, and that especially includes our bodies. Before you get to camp make sure you’ve practiced putting on sunscreen (don’t forget behind your ears, the back of your neck, and everywhere your bathing suit doesn’t cover! Don’t worry, the staff at camp will help out, but the more you get used to lathering up now, the better off you’ll be when we get here! Also, it’s super important to know how to do a full body tick check. Counselors will teach you how to do them when you get here and will ask you every single day if you did yours, but the more you know and practice now, the better.

We can’t wait for how much fun we’re going to have at camp!