Meet a Mohawker: Amber Cameron

Meet a Mohawker: Amber Cameron

Now that we are getting close to camp we are going to try to introduce as many of our staff members as possible! Meet Amber, a new international staff member from England. This summer you will find Amber up in Seniors leading our oldest campers on their adventures off camp! Right now she is in University studying drama, which she says is a big part of her life. She loves anything artsy like dance, arts and crafts, and and singing. So we know she will definitely fit in well at camp! Amber decided to come to camp this year, because she is excited to make an impact on campers lives and make sure they have an amazing time at camp.

Amber is hoping to encounter some of our New England wildlife this summer. She loves her own animals, and she has heard some tales of the friends that venture into camp, so she is looking forward to seeing some of those creatures at Mohawk.

When asked what super power she would want, she said that she would want to be a shape shifter! No day would ever be the same, and with her passion for drama feels like she already has that power by being on the stage.

Amber is most looking forward to meeting our wonderful family of Mohawkers this summer. Not only is she excited to meet her campers, but she is also excited to get to know her fellow staff members and truly see what being a Mohawker is all about!

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