Meet A Mohawker: Caroline Eno

Meet A Mohawker: Caroline Eno

Meet Caroline Eno one of our returning staff members this summer! If you have been to camp before you would have most likely seen Caroline in the Mohican or Oscadee units. Caroline has been coming to camp for 8 summers, and is so excited to be back for another summer.

Caroline is finishing up her first year at University of Wisconsin where she is studying finance. Caroline is very involved at Wisconsin, she is the sponsor chair of her sorority, she is on the undergrad business council, and part of the club volleyball team. She loves exploring the town of Madison, which is where her school is. She goes to get coffee with her friends, and when she is home she loves spending quality time with her family and her dog Molly.

Caroline has been coming to camp for 8 years, where she started as a camper. After she was a camper for 4 summers she became a CIT, and has now been a staff member for three summers. Caroline says that she can’t imagine a summer without Mohawk. Camp is also a place she gets to share with her sister Lauren who as also been a camper for 6 summers now. It is something they both get to look forward to all year. One of her favorite things about camp, is getting to see all her friends on staff that she does not get to see all year. She says that Mohawk just feels like one big family!

You can normally find Caroline in basketry, the baking room, and making friendship bracelets. But, she says that if she could all of the sudden have the skills to teach a class it would be ASL. She thinks it would be really cool to be able to translate all the songs they do in the summer, and overall be able to communicate in that way.

Caroline says that there are way too many things about camp that are amazing, and she couldn’t pick a favorite part. She did ademently say that she loves the food that Elmer and the other kitchen staff cook for us! Caroline says she always brings her fitbit to camp because she likes having step competition with her friends, even though she doesn’t win that often.

We are so excited to have Caroline with us this summer!