Meet a Mohawker: Pearl Young

Meet a Mohawker: Pearl Young

Pearl Young is such a star. Camp Mohawk runs through this girls blood, and we are privileged to have her on staff this summer for the third time. Pearl has been coming to camp for 9 summer now, and has been a camper in every single unit and a counselor in Utes and Oscadees.

Pearl is a member of the Tufts class of 2022, and is truly thriving in school. She plans on majoring in Biopsychology with a double minor in Dance and Africana Studies. Outside of the classroom she is a member of the Tufts women’s step team ENVY. They compete every year against other schools, and are actually one of the top 10 step teams on the east coast. She also works in Tufts’ costume shop to help prepare for upcoming shows. This girl is superwoman!

Pearl says, “Camp has been an integral part of every one of my summers since I was 9, and while there have been questions as to whether I’d be able to fit it into my summer since I started going, my summer wouldn’t feel complete without it. I’m so excited to continue to grow with my Mohawk family this summer!”

Pearl can normally be found teaching dance, or in the riding rings. But, she said that if she could magically teach a random class she would teach photography, because “to teach campers to view the world around them through different lenses and perspectives.” Pearl says, “I love and am so thankful that camp has continuously allowed me to be the best version of myself; everyone is so unapologetically and wonderfully themselves, and it creates an environment of contagious confidence.”

When you see Pearl she will most likely have her tutu with her, because that is the one thing she always brings to camp. She uses it for almost every single theme night, so be on the lookout for all the ways Pearl uses a tutu this summer! We are so excited to have her back this summer!