Meet your New Assistant Camp Director!

Meet your New Assistant Camp Director!

We’re very excited to welcome Tracy Seigle to Camp Mohawk as our new Assistant Camp Director. Here are 5 things Tracy wants you to know before you meet her this summer.

I LOVE glitter!

If you asked me what my favorite color is, I’d say glitter. I love pretty much anything sparkly and shiny. (I also like getting dirty. It’s the best of both worlds, really.)

I love to laugh and pretty much everything makes me laugh.

Do you know any jokes? Bad jokes? Puns? Be sure to tell me them when you see me! I have a very loud and pretty silly laugh that usually gets everyone laughing once they hear it. I pretty regularly laugh so hard I cry and I encourage you to try this summer!

I love spending my free time outside.

I hike, I bike, I run, I snowshoe, I swim, I wander, I stargaze, pretty much anything that let’s me spend my time outside in the fresh air. It’s definitely one of my favorite things about being at camp all summer. There’s something about breathing in the fresh air that makes me feel so much better.


My favorite thing about camp (besides making new friends and memories, trying new things, challenging myself, learning new skills, laughing, etc.) is sitting by the campfire.

There’s something about the smell of a campfire I can’t quite describe. It immediately makes me feel at home. I love the warmth and watching the flames stretch upwards. And no campfire is complete without a delicious s’more. (Check next week’s blog for a post completely dedicated to delicious s’mores!)

If I didn’t work at camp, I would probably be an artist.

I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember. I started taking photo classes in high school where I learned how to develop my own film and print my photos in a darkroom. I ended up going to a college with an amazing photography program where I even learned how to print my own color photographs in a darkroom. I love that taking photographs allows me to translate how I see the world around me. I’m super excited to work with our photography program this summer!

I can’t wait to meet you all this summer!

  • Martha Connors


    February 7, 2017at3:49 pm