My Birthday Wish for You

My Birthday Wish for You

(Today’s blog is written by Patrick Marchand!)

Today is my birthday. Later tonight when I’m home with my family, we’ll be sitting at the dining room table and I’ll be asked to make a wish and blow out the candles on my cake after my family sings our new Camp Mohawk birthday song to me. (We can’t wait to share the song with everyone this summer!) As I get older I find it harder to make meaningful birthday wishes. I already have everything I could possibly want. So this year, my birthday wish will be for you, our campers, and all of the wonderful things I hope for you to experience and accomplish this year.

I wish for you to make new friends always.

Every summer at camp, we talk about the importance of making new friends and we’re always so proud to see new campers welcomed into groups of new friends. But making new friends doesn’t stop at camp. My wish for you is to take that same spirit of inclusion and friendship and use it outside of camp, too. Whether it’s talking to the new student who just transferred into your school in the middle of the year, sitting with a different group of students during lunch, or picking peers you don’t know very well to join your team in gym class or work with you on a class project, opportunities to meet new people and new friends are everywhere! My wish is for you to be that person who goes out of their way to talk to those people you aren’t already friends with at camp, in school, sports, and every chance you get. I can confidently say that one of the best and most important things in life are the friendship you make. And there’s no such thing as too many friends.

I wish for you to try something new that scares you.

Life, and camp, are both about taking risks. It’s about trying something new and out of your comfort zone. The best experiences we have are most often those just beyond the edge of our comfort zone. Whether you’re not crazy about heights but decide to try high ropes for an activity or you’ve watched log-rolling but are worried about falling off when it’s your turn, it’s those moments when you challenge yourself that you will see what amazing strength, will, and determination you have inside you. And your counselors and friends will always be there to support you and cheer you on no matter what.

I wish for you to grow in confidence.

Camp is a place where you have limitless opportunities because you have so many choices to make. We understand that this can be both overwhelming and exciting. Our hope is that you grow to feel strong, sure, and secure in your decisions, whether it’s where to sit at dinner, what to wear for a theme night, or which activity to pick for Wednesday’s Optional Rec period. I very strongly believe that as we learn and try new things, we become more confident in who we are and what we can do. I hope each of you gains more confidence this summer.

I wish for you to have the summer of a lifetime filled with memories you’ll never forget.

Every summer we strive to make camp the best it’s ever been, and this summer is no different. From the activities we offer to the all-camp events to theme nights and the staff we hire, my goal is to make this summer at Camp Mohawk the Best. Summer. Ever. My hope is that you’ll laugh more than you ever have before, you’ll try new things you never knew you never knew, you’ll meet and make the best friends you’ve ever had, and you’ll be talking about the fun times you had this summer for the rest of your life.

I wish for our staff to realize their impact.

Camp without our staff isn’t camp at all. Your counselors are the ones who spend hours each week planning your cabin and unit activities, preparing lessons to teach during activities, thinking about what to talk about during devotions. They are the heart and soul of this camp. But often times, when there’s so much going on, it’s easy for all of our staff to forget the importance of what they’re doing. I hope our staff this year are able to fully realize their importance and the impact they have on you. We talk a lot about values at camp, and we expect all of our staff to role model those values. Our staff, in between cooking meals, emptying trash, putting away the boats, teaching how to canter, fixing broken lights and patching the water line, are the beacons of sunshine, laughter, smiles, and light throughout the summer for everyone at camp. They are not only being caring, honest, respectful, and responsible, but they are teaching you to be all of those things, too. Without our amazing staff, Camp Mohawk would just be 45-acres of opportunity and unfulfilled potential.


So know that when I’m blowing out those candles tonight, those are my wishes for you. (Okay, I might also wish for Red Sox to take home the World Series and the Patriots to win the Super Bowl again, but those are secondary wishes, I promise!)


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  • Grace Carpenter

    Happy birthday Patrick u are like a uncle to me I love u so much have a great day

    March 1, 2017at9:16 pm