Refund Policy

  1. Any cancellation received in writing or email ([email protected]) prior to May 1st (April 1st for Senior Cape Cod program participants) will result in a refund of all fees paid minus the $200.00 deposit ($80 deposit for Day Camp) regardless of reason of cancellation.
  2. Prior to attendance: NO REFUNDS will be made for cancellations received after May 1st (April 1st for Senior Cape Cod program participants) except in cases of documented medical reasons. In the event of documented medical reasons for cancellation, a refund will be issued for all of fees paid after the deposit has been subtracted.In the event of cancellation of one or more sessions, while still enrolled in another, deposits will be partially transferred to the remaining balance in the amount of $100.
  3. Once a child has begun her camp experience, no refund will be issued for any part of camp fees paid if the child leaves camp before the session(s) she is registered for are completed except in the case of a documented medical reason. Any camper withdrawn from camp for reasons related to homesickness will not be issued a refund. In the event of a documented medical reason, other than those related to homesickness, a refund will be issued for prorated fees minus the deposit.
  4. Riding Fees: If inclement weather results in a camper being unable to ride for more than two days in a one week period, a refund equal to 1/5 of the weekly riding fee paid will be refunded upon request for each subsequent day that a riding lesson participant cannot ride due to weather related causes.

If you are uncomfortable with the above Refund Policy, please consider camp cancellation insurance. Information about camp cancellation insurance is available at