Staff Spotlight – Louise Anderson

Staff Spotlight – Louise Anderson

We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight one of our stellar international staff, Louise Anderson! We’re so excited to have Louise back at camp this summer, holding down the waterfront! She took a few minutes to answer some questions so you can all get to know her a little better.

How many years have you worked at Mohawk?

I have worked at Mohawk for the past 2 summers, and I have loved every minute of it!

Why do you keep coming back?

I have made so many lifelong friends at camp. It is such an amazing place where everyone is like one big family. I love seeing all the girls who have been in my cabin and watching them growing up. It has definitely turned into a second home and family for me. I couldn’t imagine my summer without it.

What do you like most about being a lifeguard/teaching swim?

I love being at the waterfront all day every day. It’s good being able to make sure the girls have fun in the water. I love teaching swimming and watching my class progress over the week. Especially when some girls move up from being a Red swimmer to a Blue swimmer and can enjoy their first time on the bouncies!

When you’re here at camp, what do you miss most about Scotland?

I miss my family and friends!! Especially my little brother and sister – but everyone at camp make you feel at home which makes it so much easier! More importantly I miss the chocolate and sweets from back home, Hersheys isn’t quite the same as Cadburys.

What do you miss most about camp when you’re home in Scotland?

I miss my friends and the all the girls! I miss being with everyone 24/7. I miss spending my days at the waterfront, I miss playing games and having fun all day! I miss singing when I’m eating my lunch and dinner – I miss dressing up for dinner! I miss camp as a whole during the year.

What’s your favourite Camp Mohawk tradition and why?

There are so many! My favourite I think is Friendship Ceremony because it’s on the first night of camp and brings everyone together as one before we get to know each other properly! I also love the last night of camp when we have banquet and exchange banquet notes. It’s a special way to end to our time at camp.

What’s your favourite theme night and why?

My favourite theme night has got to be Disney Night because I love everything Disney and there are sooo many characters you could dress up as!

If you could create a theme night, what would it be and what would you wear?

If I could create a theme night it would definitely be some sort of Scottish night. Would be fun seeing everyone dress up in my home colours! And I would either wear a kilt, or our football strip, or just paint my full body with the Scottish Flag (wouldn’t be the first time). Also everyone would have to taste some Scottish food.

What’s something cool/weird/funny your campers don’t necessarily know about you?

My campers know how weird I am from the first night in the cabin! They might not know that Frozen is one of my fav films and that I know all the words to every song in it. Also that I know all the words to almost every Disney song! They also might not know what I’m studying which takes us to the next question…

What do you do when you’re not at camp?

I study Chemical Engineering at University of Strathclyde. Almost finished my third year, two more to go! I also have a part-time job working as a swimming teacher.

What’s your favourite camp song?

There are far too many to choose from! I love the ‘Donut Song’, and also ‘There was a…’ and I like the CIT song ‘Look at this Camp.’ And of course the Mohawk Fight Song.

Favourite camp game and camp activity?

My favourite game to play is Birdy in the Hen House! I also love WAH. My favourite activities at camp includes everything at the waterfront (fav is log rolling). I also love Dutch Auction and the Mystery Night.

Favourite camp meal?

Favourite camp meals are Chicken Parm/ Chicken Patties/ Spaghetti and Meatballs. Also love Tater Tots and the Chocolate Pudding (we don’t get them in Scotland!)

If you could add one new camp meal, what would it be and why?

I would love to add Steak Pie or ‘Haggis, Neeps and Tatties’ (Haggis, Turnip and Potatoes)! They are two of my favourite meals and would love to let everyone else try them!

What are some of your hobbies?

My hobbies are swimming, spending time with my family and friends, going on walks up hills and I also enjoy trying new things/ seeing new places!

What are you most excited about for Summer 2017?

I can’t wait to make so many new friends as well as see all my old friends! I’m excited to see all my campers again and see how they are/ how much they’ve grown. I’m excited to meet new campers! I’m excited to make so many more memories that I will keep forever.