Staff Spotlight – Maggie Sullivan

Staff Spotlight – Maggie Sullivan

We’re so excited to announce that our Oscadee Unit Leader and riding instructor, Maggie Sullivan, will be returning to Camp Mohawk this summer. Maggie recently helped us out preparing for the summer so we took that opportunity to get to know here a little better and we wanted to share her answers to our questions with all of you.

1) How many years have you worked at Mohawk? 

This will be my fourth summer working at Mohawk!

2) Why do you keep coming back?

I love my Mohawk family! I love the love, kindness, and spirit that comes with every group of girls. It’s a beautiful place for girls to be who they really are, including myself!

3) What’s your favorite Camp Mohawk tradition and why?

Friendship ceremony!! I love the first night and the excitement and anticipation of all of the upcoming session.

4) What’s your favorite theme night and why?

Unit night is definitely my favorite! I love all of the work the girls do together to get ready. Such team work 🙂

5) If you could create a theme night, what would it be and what would you wear?

Outer space! I think the girls could get super creative with that! I would want to make myself really glittery and have like 5 eyes!

6) What’s something cool/weird/funny your campers don’t necessarily know about you?

I love doing my nails and I hate not having any polish on. When I have to go without it eats me alive until I get them done. I literally cannot focus on anything else. The funkier the color the better too 🙂

7) What do you do when you’re not at camp? 

I just finished my masters in elementary education in November. So right now I am working at an elementary school in New Canaan!

8) What’s your favorite camp song?

Gunk Gunk!

9) Favorite camp game/activity?

Horseback riding of course!

10) If you could be the camp director for one day, what would you do?

I would make it all day optional rec! Especially if it was in the middle of the week!

10) Favorite camp meal?

Chicken nugget day will forever by my favorite! There must be honey for dipping though!

We can’t wait to have Maggie and all of our other amazing counselors back at camp with us in just a few shorts months!