Upcoming Mohawk Events

Upcoming Mohawk Events

May 11-Work day!

Every spring we break out our work clothes and get together with other Mohawkers to get camp ready for the summer. After the long winter we have to get camp looking perfect again. We clean the cabins, plant some flowers, repaint, fix whatever got broken, etc.

Mohawkers from all generations flock back to camp to get it ready for our campers, and for our pre summer groups. This is a great day to come back to camp, meet some new people, and get your hands a little dirty!

May 19th-Open House!

Our staff can’t wait to meet you!!

Open house is our opportunity to share the mohawk spirit with girls that are not signed up yet for camp this summer. Many of our staff will be in attendance, as well as our 2019 CITs. We give so many tours on this day, and we also have crafts set up in the Rec Hall. Even if you are already registered you can still come and get to know some of our potential campers! You can talk to them, and ease their mind about coming to camp for the first time.  

We hope to see you at camp on the 11th and the 19th!