Weird Things to Pack for Camp

Weird Things to Pack for Camp

Here at camp we love any excuse to be a little silly and weird! We pride ourselves on being beautifully unique, and expressing ourselves through fun costumes and activities. As you can see our summer is filled with opportunities to dress up and be crazy at camp. Below is 5 things that you should definitely be bringing to camp!

  1. Anything that starts with the letter “P”

If you are new to camp the word “P Party” may be a little confusing to you. Have no fear, it is one of our best theme nights. You just have to wear anything that starts with the letter “P”. Purple, Pink, Pajamas, Penguins. Some of our most creative have been Parking Lots, Pez Dispensers, Punctuation. If it starts with a P then it’s the perfect costume for the night!

  2.    Tutu’s!

I am telling you that when in doubt, tutu it out. No matter the theme night you can always add a tutu to your costume and make it even better. Under the Sea? You can be any under the sea creature with a tutu.  Team Spirit Night? Support your team in a tutu, there is nothing you cannot sport a tutu for.

 3.    Glitter

We love glitter at Camp Mohawk. We use glitter for our Arts+Crafts projects. When we make cards to send home, and to put on our faces when we are getting amped for events like Campchella or the 4th of July. You can never have too much glitter at camp. If you want extra brownie points this summer let Alison know where she can find biodegradable glitter! [email protected]

4.    Your Silliest Pj’s

PJ breakfast is the best day of the session (in my own personal opinion.) It is the morning where you get to roll out of bed and go to breakfast in your pj’s. If you are extra like me, I suggest bringing silly pj’s to change into in the morning, so you can flaunt them in the pajama breakfast parade.

5.   Your Nerdiest Outfit

Disclaimer: This is not Patrick’s award winning nerd night costume

Nerd Night is an all time favorite at camp. Our director Patrick lives for this theme night, and he always wins. Everyone should bring their A game this summer because Patrick is ready to challenge anyone to beat him on nerd night! The winner will get bragging rights!