Welcome Back to the Mohawk Blog!

Welcome Back to the Mohawk Blog!

Hello Mohawkers! What a summer it has been! If you have been following our instagram you would see that we have been super busy with camp, and our 100th Anniversary Celebration. 

This past summer was one for the books. Our campers got to experience an unforgettable summer. We competed in our annual Color where session 1 the Pink team took home the trophy, and session 4 Blue Team won. Our girls session 2 were put to the test with Survivor, where only one cabin could come out on top. Session 3 our girls had to wrangle our Area 51 aliens back to their planets, and search for the counselor who was responsible for letting all the Aliens out in the first place (We can thank Georgia Moody for that!)

This past weekend generations of Mohawkers returned to camp to experience the spirit that truly does last a lifetime. Friday-Sunday about 160 alumni of all generations flocked to camp to experience the camper life once more. Alum got to participate in archery, arts and crafts, boating, basketry, and hikes to the top of the mountain and around the pond. There was a continuous buzz around camp this weekend as alum broke out their guitars and treated us to music around the campfire.

As we make our way into the fall we are looking forward to our Mother Daughter weekend this coming weekend. We are excited to welcome back our current campers and their mothers to participate in traditional camp activities. Registration is still open, and we are looking forward to welcome everyone back to Mohawk this weekend!

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