Why do campers return to camp?

Why do campers return to camp?

Why do campers return to Mohawk year after year? Here’s what a few of our campers had to say:

  1. Independence
  2. Large variety of fun activities
  3. Kind, enthusiastic, amazing counselors
  4. Sisterhood and friendships
  5. All girls camp
  6. Camp traditions
  7. Horses and other animals
  8. Learning new skills
  9. Amazing food
  10. Something to look forward to every year
  11. It is THE BOMB!

Thank you Siobhan, Mairead, Lindsay, Clare, Mary, Valerie, Abby, and Isabelle for helping us compile this list!

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  • jhonni rosina dixon

    I am so exited. this year will be my third year at camp. By far my favorite memory of camp was last year. It was the first week of session 4 and me and my cabin mates were sitting together at cookout(the food is the bomb). Then about 3 of us stayed 15 mins afterward and we got t play with lily (she is soooo cute) then went back to the cabin and painted our nails, and went back to the waterfront for the party. There were so many people on the aqua mat. moral of the story: camp mohawk is the most AWESOME place ever.

    February 19, 2016at3:31 am